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When buying or selling fireworks there are a number of useful sites that will provide all the information and assistance you need. Click on the links below to access the wealth of information to make your firework season run smoothly and SAFELY.

ER2014 - HSE Guidance — Wholesale Storage of Fireworks

ER2014 - HSE Guidance — Fireworks in Retail Premises

ER2014 - HSE L150 - Safety Provisions

ER2014 - HSE L1S1 - Security Provisions

INDG 476 - HSE Guidance - Storing and Selling Pyrotechnic Articles Safely

Find Your Council

Firework Storage Suitability Flowchart

INDG 407 - HSE - Rick Assessment Checklist

HSE Guidance - Giving Your Own Fireworks Display

The Explosives Regulations 2014

Open Government Licence

Trading Standards – Find your nearest Trading Standards Office

British Fireworks Association - Advice for Firework Users

Pyro Cage Assembly Instruction

Download Bright Star Fireworks Images

Bright Star Videos

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